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Protecting Your Agritainment Business

Petting zoos, corn mazes, wagon and pony rides, and farm discovery tours all make up the Agritainment industry. The popularity of agritainment continues to grow, especially as more people are reconnecting with their local farms.

This is great news for farm families looking to add new revenue streams. However, inviting the public onto the premises increases liability exposures, which increases the need for proper insurance coverage.

Falls due to uneven ground, injuries resulting from cut corn stalks and general horseplay, and bites or kicks from animals are just some of the risks that must be addressed. Proactive risk management strategies and guest education are essential to mitigating the risks. The following simple steps can help to reduce injuries and lessen the financial impact if an injury occurs:

  • Proper signage throughout the property should post the rules and identify restricted areas
  • All guests should be provided a printed copy of the rules and liability disclaimers
  • Keep the property free of hazards and debris
  • Ensure all equipment and structures are in safe working condition
  • Store all non-public equipment in a secure location away in an area inaccessible to guests
  • Conduct employee education on correct equipment operation, first aid, and policies and procedures
  • Document all policies and procedures

While risk management should be the first step in protecting your guests and your business, proper insurance coverage cannot be overlooked. Even under the best of circumstances, injuries can happen.

Many agritainment activities require specialized insurance coverage, going above and beyond your existing farm insurance to cover things like general liability, special event auto, and equipment. Whether you’re hosting an event, such as a haunted house, sleigh rides, or fall festival, or offer a children’s play area, petting zoo, or pick your own (berries, apples, pumpkins), make sure you have the right insurance.

Agritainment risks are complex, which can make them difficult to insure. Friedman Specialty Insurance has years of experience consulting with Agritainment business owners to ensure complete coverage for their operation.