Specialty Insurance for Camps, Clinics, and Conferences

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many events, we know that one day – hopefully soon – we will once again gather for conferences and events. Because, let’s face it, technology has been invaluable during this crisis, but it simply cannot replace the energy and personal connections that are so beneficial when we gather in person.

As schools, companies, and other organizations start making plans to resume in-person events, it’s important not to overlook the need for insurance coverage.

In the past, insurance coverage for conferences, sports camps, and clinics was either too costly, too limited, or not available at all. Event planners were either forced to pay extremely high insurance premiums or conduct their events without proper insurance to protect them from unforeseen circumstances.

Our specialty insurance program has been developed to cover the inherent risks involved for the schools, park districts, coaches, directors, and participants of today’s conferences, sports camps, and clinics. Accident and liability insurance coverage is offered as a standard product. Optional coverage also available, such as equipment, hired and non-owned automobile, and additional higher liability insurance limits.

  • Accident insurance pays the medical bills of an injured guest or employee.
  • Liability insurance protects you in the event of a lawsuit or property damage.
  • Hired and non-owned automobile liability insurance provides protection for rented, borrowed, and other non-owned vehicles driven on camp, clinic, or conference business.
  • Excess liability insurance provides additional liability limits, increasing the liability coverage per each occurrence.
  • Increased aggregates in an option that increases the aggregate limit of liability insurance.

There may be restrictions on when you can purchase event insurance, such as a specific amount of time before your event, which makes it a good idea to purchase insurance as soon as you start making purchases or deposits for the event.

Hopefully your event goes off just as you planned, but if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s important to plan for the unexpected.

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